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Latest Work

baby gooroo

This spring I will be wrapping up the last of over 80 illustrations for the 5th edition of Breastfeeding: Keep it Simple, and the 10th edition of Breastfeeding: A Parent’s Guide by Amy Spangler.

Pediatrics Nationwide

The Spring 2019 edition of Pediatrics Nationwide, Whats Next For NEC? features a cover illustration of a cross section of a healthy small intestine and interior spot illustration depicting necrotizing entercolitis.

Pediatrics Nationwide

For the spring 2019 edition I also illustrated a 2-page spread showing a fetal balloon aortic valvuloplasty for critical aortic stenosis.

Final art:
Scientific American Mind magazine

pencil sketch

Meeting sketch and notes

The evolution of an illustration

Working with a Medical Illustrator

Just like modern medicine, medical illustration is a team sport and communication is key. The best illustrations are created when there is good communication between the illustrator and the medical or science team.  Since communication is key, the illustration process typically begins with a phone call or a meeting to discuss your needs. After this meeting I review any documents or medical images  provided, do additional research, and create a written proposal.

Once the proposal is approved I develop initial pencil sketches for you and your team to review. It’s not uncommon to have a few back-and-forths on the initial sketches. 

After the initial sketches are approved I will provide revised, cleaned up line drawings for your review. These drawings will be very close to the final but will not, typically, be in color. This is another opportunity to make any necessary changes to the drawings. Once the revised sketches are approved I begin the final color illustration.


“Working with Mandy was a great experience. She worked quickly, kept me up to date throughout the entire process, and delivered a high-quality, beautiful figure that will add significant value to my review article.”

Sam Linton, PhD

Penn State College of Medicine

“Mandy’s work product is exceptional as is her commitment to a smooth and professional collaboration process. She is accessible, reliable, and aims to deliver high-quality work in a cost-effective manner.”

Gregory R. Ignoffo

Partner, Kelly & Ignoffo Law Group

“As a nurse educator, I have worked with multiple illustrators throughout my career. That being said, I know how difficult it is to find an illustrator who can produce images that are medically accurate, extremely detailed, and extraordinarily beautiful—and then I met Mandy Root-Thompson. Not only is she extremely talented, she also listens to her clients and responds to their concerns in a highly professional manner. I am delighted to be working with her and recommend her without hesitation.”

Amy Spangler

President/CEO, baby gooroo

“Mandy recently created line illustrations for one of my internal clients. She was very professional to work with, creating accurate, high-quality illustrations in a timely manner. I would gladly work with her again and encourage others to contact her for illustration services.”

Anthony Baker

Certified Medical Illustrator, Senior Graphic Designer, The Ohio State University Health Sciences Library

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