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MedDraw Studio can help you communicate complex medical and surgical procedures
in a beautiful and easy to understand format.

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Featured Project

Spring/Summer 2022 Pediatrics Nationwide

I could hardly wait for this magazine to come off the press so I could start promoting it! The Spring/Summer 22 cover art for Pediatrics Nationwide magazine features a Natural Killer cell that was created in Blender 3D and Adobe Photoshop. To see an overview of the development process, check out the full project!

Pediatrics Nationwide Spring-Summer 2022

What can I draw for you today?

At MedDraw Studio I work with medical and scientific professionals to communicate complex information to a lay audience in the form of patient and consumer education materials, editorial illustrations, and journal figures. With a background in advertising, marketing, education, and biological and anatomical sciences, it is my goal to create a unique solution to your communication needs!

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