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MedDraw Studio can help you communicate
complex scientific and medical concepts
in a
beautiful and easy to understand format.

Medical Journal

Bring research to life with illustrations and graphs for peer reviewed journals and other scholarly publications.

Medical Educational

Educational materials present complex medical information in easily understood steps for both patients and peers.

Medical Editorial

Illuminate your articles and add a visual dimension with custom illustrations that grab attention and engage readers.

How a board-certified medical illustrator can help you

Certified medical illustrators are professional artists with extensive training in medicine, science, communication, and media technology and hold advanced degrees from universities affiliated with medical schools. As visualization specialists, they create imagery that advances medical science knowledge and empowers health literacy for patients and the public. They have the medical and scientific knowledge to grasp complex information, distill it down, and communicate the story in a straightforward visual narrative that is accurate, educational, and engaging. Medical illustration is a relatively exclusive field, and although there is a broad need for their services, there is just a small cadre of these highly educated artists in practice. The Association of Medical Illustrators estimates that there are approximately 1200 of these highly educated artists in practice in North America.


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Mandy Root-Thompson of Meddraw Studio is an artist, a medical illustrator with whom I have worked over many years and on many projects. Her art is being used all over the world to educate nurses, doctors, and patients, and improve their lives because of better visualization and understanding of the anatomy of complex pediatric colorectal and pelvic conditions.

Marc A. Levitt, M.D.

Chief, Division of Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction, Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics Children’s National Hospital and The George Washington School of Medicine

As a nurse educator, I have worked with multiple illustrators throughout my career. That being said, I know how difficult it is to find an illustrator who can produce images that are medically accurate, extremely detailed, and extraordinarily beautiful—and then I met Mandy Root-Thompson. Not only is she extremely talented, she also listens to her clients and responds to their concerns in a highly professional manner. I am delighted to be working with her and recommend her without hesitation.”

Amy Spangler

President/CEO, baby gooroo

My co-authors and I are very impressed with your final drawing for the PDA closure device, and we thank you for your work on this. The manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Pediatrics (one of the top journals in the field). I truly think your drawing was a major selling point and one of the reasons for acceptance – so thank you!”

Dr. Carl H Backes, M.D.

Pediatrics, Neonatology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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