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Medical Journal

Bring research to life with illustrations and graphs for peer reviewed journals and other scholarly publications.

Medical Educational

Educational materials present complex medical information in easily understood steps for both patients and peers.

Medical Editorial

Illuminate your articles and add a visual dimension with custom illustrations that grab attention and engage readers.

Medical Editorial Illustration

Medical Educational Illustration

The Illustration process: working with a medical illustrator

A great medical illustration is a collaboration between the medical team and the certified medical illustrator. To begin a project, the medical illustrator will meet with you and review your journal or editorial article. Illustrators can also meet with writers, physicians, surgeons, and researchers, review patient information and medical imaging, attend live surgeries, and review surgical videos. The illustrator will then translate that information into preliminary drawings for your review. These initial drawings will be followed by a series of progressively more detailed drawings, which the medical team will review after each iteration. The result is a full-color illustration that will help you communicate complex medical and surgical procedures in a beautiful, easy-to-understand format.

Preliminary sketch

Revised drawing

Final Illustration

Download: Working with a medical illustrator

This guide of frequently asked questions will help you understand the creative process, pricing, licensing rights, and common business practices used in the industry. The collaborative process that takes place between the client and the medical illustrator reflects a unique synergy where science and art truly meet.

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